Day Five – The Whale’s Mouth

We’re heading out in about 30 minutes from our hotel in Austin, MN so this one will have to be brief.

Our target yesterday was southwest Minnesota – not the best tornado dynamics, but it was the only place that was expected to really destabilize and provide energy for storms. All we ended up catching was another (fairly photogenic) shelf cloud. However, this time we ended up under it most of the time.

The area under a linear storm’s updraft is often known as the whale’s mouth due to the look of it as it engulfs you. This one was quite the sight, and we played tag with it all day into our travel at night.

It looked absolutely apocalyptic from the inside, but in reality posed basically no threat. Below are a few photos.

Today we’re blasting east to potentially catch a severe weather setup in Virginia. Storm mode isn’t super clear now, but it’s got potential to be one of the higher-end things we case. We’ll see!

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