Day Two – Chunky Tomato


Convective soup.

Yesterday reminded me a lot of chasing in Virginia and North Carolina – not enough capping and no real dominant cells.

We woke up in Texarkana, AR and blasted west as fast as possible to try to make a day two chase in west Texas. We were thinking somewhere in the Lubbock area or a bit west would be ideal. Unfortunately, by the time we were nearly to Abilene storms had gone up all over the place.

We eventually decided to bite on a cell that had gone up near Colorado City.

Storm Chase Day 02

A blurry image of our brief view of some kind of backlit lowering.

We played tag with our cell briefly until it started entering an area where storms had previously passed, where it would most likely fall apart. So, we began to look elsewhere.

A couple cells were trying to go up east of Lubbock, but looked wholly unappealing. We ultimately settled on a weakly anticyclonic left-mover just to our west. We maneuvered around to its west side to get a good view of its updraft, but by that time it was falling apart.

Storm Chase Day 02

…that’s all, folks.

We landed in Lubbock, TX for the night. Soon we meet to figure out what to do over the next few days. Unfortunately with the rather muddy pattern, that’s up for debate.

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